Work Packages

The SOCIOEC project operates through seven different work packages (WP), five of which include research & technical development (RTD) activities. These five RTD WP are cross-thematic as well as multidisciplinary in content. In particular WP 2 (sustainability objectives) and WP 5 (impact assessment) will include research on ecology, biology and socio-economics while WP 4 (stakeholder involvement) will focus on governance including law, policy and institutional aspects. Finally, WP 6 (case study coordination and synthesis) will integrate the results from each of the RTD work packages and will strengthen the links between scientists, policy makers and people employed in fisheries, as well as the general public.

Two WP (1 and 7) are dedicated to the management and dissemination of results of the project and will work closely together. WP 1 entails the coordination of the project including the communication strategies with the EU Commission. WP 7 is responsible for dissemination and communication strategies with the stakeholders.

The project structure is as follows:


For more information on each individual WP please click on the WP factsheet below

WP1 - Project Management factsheet

WP2 - Sustainability Objectives factsheet

WP3 - Management incentives and fishermen’s behavioural responses factsheet

WP4 - Governance structures and stakeholder involvement in management factsheet

WP5 - Impact assessment of management measures factsheet

WP6 - Transversal coordination, synthesis and information flow across case studies factsheet

WP7 - Outreach, dissemination of results and stakeholder management factsheet

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