ICES symposium on “Targets and limits for long term fisheries management”



Myfish symposium-AR

The joint Myfish-ICES symposium will be held from October 27th to 30th 2015, in Athens, Greece.The goal of the symposium is to document and synthesise the best quality scientific approaches to management advice and implementation under potentially conflicting objectives. This will be done by facilitating exchange of ideas and the development of new and innovative solutions. The symposium will bring together scientific experts from across the world and in a variety of disciplines, with stakeholders and managers to enable the communication between suppliers and recipients of scientific management advice.

The symposium will take a global approach to these topics under a series of themes:

  • Identifying trade-offs and conflicting objectives, and identifying approaches to inform and resolve these.
  • The role of targets and limits in a variable world
  • Economically and socially feasible management tools
  • Practical implementation of targets and limits in management

To find out more information about the symposium please download the symposium brouhure and visit


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