PĂȘcheurs de Manche et Atlantique (PMA)



Pêcheurs de Manche et Atlantique (PMA), is the main Producer Organisation for French fisheries, created by two producer organisations, From-Bretagne and Proma, in 2007. The official merger took effect from 1 January 2011. PMA manages fish quotas for more than 600 vessels, with 200 trawlers over 20 metres. Fish landings range from 80 000 tonnes to 90 000 tonnes, representing about 30% of the European quotas allocated to French vessels. Landings value was 250 million euros in 2008. The main species exploited by members are sardine (12 000 tonnes), monkfish (9 000 tonnes, 45% of the French quota), scallops from the Bay of Saint-Brieuc fishery, and cod from the Celtic Sea.

PMA intervenes:

  • to manage quotas amongst members
  • to help in the marketing process of the initial fish sales
  • to implement the mimimum price system for a set of key species (withdrawals of fish products)
  • to conduct the defence of its members
  • to aid management teams with foreign partners (Spain, Ireland, UK) via RACS

Role of PMA in SOCIOEC

PMA will be involved in the Western waters case study.
PMA will work in SOCIOEC directly with the French scientific partners (Ifremer and Univ. of Brest) on the Western Waters case study. The definition of operational sustainability objectives at local level and aspects of governance will be examined for several fisheries with a key role attributed to PMA (Pêcheurs de Manche et Atlantique). PMA has drawn up a list of fisheries which are of great interest to scientists and professionals (fishermen and other stakeholders):
- Norway lobster fishery in the Bay of Biscay (Western Waters fisheries, Southwestern RAC)
- Sole fishery in the Bay of Biscay (Western Waters fisheries, Southwestern RAC)
- Cod fishery in the Celtic Sea ((Western Waters fisheries, Northwestern RAC)
- Sole and plaice fishery in the North Channel (Western Waters fisheries, Northwestern RAC)
PMA will provide participants from its membership to the project workshops and as partners for the interviews (see WP3).

Description of Personnel involved in the project

Jacques Pichon is the director of PMA, previously director of From Bretagne. He has a PhD in geography, from the University of Brest.

Julien Lamothe is graduated from Agrocampus (Rennes), with a degree in agricultural engineering.


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