Mediterranean Aquafarm Services (MAS)


Mediterranean Aquafarm Services is an small-medium enterprise in Spain focused in trading and processing of large pelagic species as bluefin tuna, bigeye tuna, albacore or swordfish, but we also have been a large experience working with small pelagic species as mackerel mainly sold to bluefin tuna farms which operate in Mediterranean Sea for feeding operations. From 1995 MAS staff works as a consulting company for marine fish farm enterprises in Central and Western Mediterranean Sea area. Since MAS has an important knowledge in marketing of fish, it can make several contributions in the definition of the price formation, market situation and seasonal fluctuations.

Role of Mediterranean Aquafarm Services in SOCIOEC

MAS will be involved in Western Waters case study working actively with the partners participants involved in this case study. The extensive network of contacts that MAS keep around the different spanish market enables situational awareness of the sale and distribution of the different seafood products.

Description of Personnel involved in the project

Txema Galaz is the managing director responsible of trading operations and with much experience in seafood control quality.

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