Karadeniz Technical University - Faculty of Marine Sciences (KTU-FMS)



Faculty of Marine Sciences has got 3 departments and 1 research center, Marine Ecology Research Center. The departments are Naval Architecture Engineering, Fisheries Engineering, and Marine Transportation and Management Engineering where a four years program of education (BSc) is provided for the students and research projects are carried out by the academic staff as well. Postgraduate studies are also carried out in all areas of the departments involved. Through its scientific education programs and research activities, the Faculty contributes to a general increase in knowledge about ecology and economy of marine systems. Based on its research, the institute also enunciates advice to Fishery management in Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and Ministry of Environment and Forestry. The Faculty takes part in international research projects funded by EU and other agencies in order to evaluate and resolve specific questions regarding the management of marine living resources and to further improve the scientific basis of its advice (Black Sea Scene, Black Sea Scene upgrade (2nd phase), TRUEFOOD, AQUATNET and AQUATNET II.


KTU-FMS will carry out its work mainly in the Black Sea, included in the Mediterranean & Black Sea Case Study.

Description of Personnel involved in the project 

Ertug Duzgunes is the dean of the FMS and is also leading the fisheries management unit at the Department of fisheries and has worked mainly on the population dynamics of living resources of the Black Sea and has profound experience in marine fisheries in the area. He also deals with fisheries management in the Black Sea. He is a member of the Fisheries AC for Turkey. He is working on EU CFP and harmonisation process of fisheries legislation to CFP. He has coordinated several research projects and has supervised many MSc and PhD thesis. The last one is related to the impact assessment of management measures on fishing fleets and their economy.

Kadir Seyhan is the lecturer/research scientist at the Department of Fisheries. His main research area is ecosystem-basedapproach to fisheries management and he is additionally interested in the economic consequences of the introduction of long/short term anchovy fisheries management plans. He has currently involved in the scientific networking activities of the Black Sea funded by EU.

Erdal Ustundag (master of science) is a PhD student and mainly involved in implementation of fisheries regulation in the Black Sea. His research area is on the determination of impacts of certain measures on fisheries management.

Ahmet Sahin is a a lecturer of fisheries management at the Department of Fisheries Technology Engineering, Faculty of Marine Sciences, Karendeniz Technical University, Trabzon. He has focused his work in the distribution and seasonal changes of Ichthyoplankton and fisheries activities and management in the Black Sea since 2001.

Nazli Kasapoglu (master of science) is a researcher in the field of fisheries maangement at the Department of Fisheries and Tech., Faculty of Marine Sciences, Black Sea Technical University, Trabzon. She has been working in the Black Sea intensively since 2006 mainly focused in bycatch and discards.

flagsThe research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7 / 2007-2013) under grant agreement no. 289192. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the European Union cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.