Clodiamare1 (CsC)

Clodiamare1 (CsC) is a cooperative involved in bivalve fisheries. It is based in Chioggia, a northern-Italy port located on the Venice lagoon. Fishing is historically the livelihood of the port, and remains a significant economic sector. Clodiamare engages 10 fishermen working on the 5 associated vessels that have, on average, a length of 12-15 m. length overall. Clodiamare is also member of one of the main Italian management consortia for bivalve fisheries, i.e. Co.Ge.Vo. (made up of about 80 associated vessels employing about 160 fishermen). Main activities of Clodiamare1 are harvesting of “fasolari” (Callista chione) in the North Adriatic Sea and seeding and raising of the “vongola verace” (Tapes Philippinarum) in the south of the Venice Lagoon. As far as clams, fishermen of the cooperative are engaged in a series of actions aimed to let juveniles to reach a larger size that is good for sale. These actions are carried out with special equipment. Both products are sold on the national market. 

Role of Clodiamare1 in SOCIOEC

Clodiamare1 will be involved in the Mediterranean and Black Sea case study. Clodiamare1 will provide background information’s on the management system and will provide participants for case study workshops. Members of Clodiamare1 will also be participating in the interviews to assess the incentive structures of management systems (see WP3).

Description of Personnel involved in the project

Paolo Tiozzo is the management director with special responsibility on the products sales.

Stefano Benetton is a biologist, with special responsibility on the growth process of the product.

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