The SOCIOEC consortium consists of a wide range of research institutes that are geographically well distributed around Europe. They have a broad general expertise in the research themes included in the proposal, as well as specific expertise in the individual case studies and the areas where they are located. This also reflects the differences in approach to fisheries management around the European Union and additionally in two candidate countries (Turkey and Iceland).

There is a direct involvement of the fishing industry in the project consortium and these industry partners form an integral part of the research activities. They provide the participants for research activities (interviews, workshops) that have the expertise to analyse together with scientists possibilities of a broader integration of fishers’ knowledge and management perspectives in the policy process. The scientific partners involved are governmental or private non-profit research institutions with strong links as advisory agencies to public policymakers of their respective countries. Furthermore, the same institutes also have extensive experience of working with industry and stakeholders at local, national and international levels. This means that the consortium is able to take both a policy and an operational perspective, as well as including stakeholders views.

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