Scientific Papers

Publications acknowledging the SOCIOEC project;


The Regional Management of Fisheries in European Western Waters

Le Floc’h Pascal, Murillas Arantza, Aranda Martin, Daures Fabienne, Fitzpatrick Mike, Guyader Olivier, Hatcher Aaron, Macher Claire, Marchal Paul, Marine Policy, 2015


Discarding of cod in the Danish Fully Documented Fisheries

Clara Ulrich, Hans Jakob Olesen, Heiðrikur Bergsson, Josefine Egekvist, Kirsten Birch Ha?kansson, Jørgen Dalskov, Lotte Kindt-Larsen, and Marie Storr-Paulsen, ICES Journal of Marine Science, 2015


The alarming decline of Mediterranean fish stocks

P. Vasilakopoulos  Maravelias CD and Tserpes G., Current Biology, 2014


Fisheries management scenarios: Trade-offs between economic and biological objectives

C.D. Maravelias,  M. Pantazi and F. Maynou, Fisheries Management and Ecology, 2014


 Fishers' targeting behavior in the Mediterranean: Does vessel size matter?

C.D. Maravelias and V. Tsitsika; Fisheries Management and Ecology, 2014 


What’s going to happen with the CFP Reform discard policy?

Andersen, Peder; Andersen, Jesper; Mardle, Simon; IIFET Conference Proceedings, 2014


 A statistical model for estimation of fish density including correlation in size, space, time and between species from research survey data.

Rasmus Nielsen; Kasper Kristensen; Peter Lewy; Francois Bastardie; PLoS ONE, 2014


Competition for marine space: modelling the Baltic Sea fisheries and effort displacement under spatial restrictions

F Bastardie; , J. Rasmus Nielsen, O. R. Eigaard, H. O. Fock, P. Jonsson and V. Bartolino; ICES Journal of Marine Science, 2014


Technological development and fisheries management

Ole Ritzau Eigaard; Paul Marchalb; Henrik Gislasona & Adriaan D. Rijnsdorpcd; Reviews in Fisheries and Aquaculture, 2014


Implications of a Discard Ban in Multispecies Quota Fisheries

Hatcher, Aaron,  Environmental and Resource Economics 2014


A review on self- or community management measures in New Zealand and Australia.

Haraldsson, G;  Hallgrímsson HJ, Institute of Economic Studies, Working Paper Series 2014


Integrating stochastic age-structured population dynamics into complex fisheries economic models for management evaluations: the North Sea saithe fishery as a case study              

S. L. Simons , H. Bartelings , K. G. Hamon , A. J. Kempf , R. Doring , A. Temming, ICES Journal of Marine Science, 2014


Spatial integration in the Spanish mackerel fishery

J.García, J. Hualde, J. Arteche and A. Murillas, Journal of Agricultural Economics 2013,


DISPLACE: a dynamic, individual-based model for spatial fishing planning and effort displacement — integrating underlying fish population models

Francois Bastardie, J. Rasmus Nielsen, Tanja Miethe, Canadian Journal of Fish Aquatic Science, 2013


Cod avoidance by area regulations in Kattegat - experiences for the implementation of a discard ban in the EU 

 Sören Qvist Eliasen, Marine Policy, 2013


Localization of nursery areas based on comparative analyses of horizontal and vertical distribution patterns of juvenile Baltic cod.           

Nielsen, J.R., Lundgren, B., Kristensen, K. and Bastardie, F., PLoS One, 2013   


Report on Fisheries Games and Experiments: Applications for Education, Outreach and Science

Groves, Theodore; Knapp, Gunnar; Ledyard, John; Murphy, James; Schmidt, Jörn, IIFET Special Session 2012


Doering, R. and Leyre, G. SOCIOEC- Socio-economic effects of management measures of the Future CFP - Overview on a new European FP 7 Project. 2012. IIFET 2012 Tanzania Proceedings.


Doering, R. and Leyre, G. Socio-Economic Assessment of Management measures of the new common fisheries policy (CFP) - Challenges and Methodological Background. 2012. IIFET 2012 Tanzania Proceedings.


flagsThe research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7 / 2007-2013) under grant agreement no. 289192. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the European Union cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.