ecoOcean - SOCIOEC

ecoOcean - SOCIOEC

ecoOcean uses the flexible modelr framework to calculate the growth and migration of biomass in the ocean. Cells have 2 components that are calculated independently - Biomass 1 and biomass 2 representing old/young fish or big / small fish, where biomass 2 is handled as discard. Beside the initial biomass settings, parameters for the growth and migration functions can be set in the editor to change the behaviour of the ocean.The migration behaviour of the components can be changed easily throught modifying the modelr models calculation steps.

At the beginning of the game the players have the opportunity to choose the fishing net they want to use (the prices are configurable in the editor). By Choosing the gear the fishing function for the player changes accordingly. Coarse gears catch much less small fish and less big fish (or old/young), while close gears catch more of both.

All players have a configurable quota they‘re not allowed to exceed and a configurable maximum payload. Once a player reaches his maximum payload he has to return to the harbour to unload before he can continue fishing.

Discard Ban:
Discard ban can be applied to each player individually. If discard ban is enabled for a player, this player will get points for biomass 2 and biomass will be added to his individual quota. With disabled discard ban, players wont get points for biomass 2, since it‘s discarded before landing (see parameter description). 

Download the current version of ecoOcean at:

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